Monday, June 15, 2015

Ep. 170 - Chris Bergoch - Vader/Voldemort 2016


Chris Bergoch, co-writer and co-producer of the Sundance hit film, Tangerine, is our guest. Working with his partner, Sean Baker, these two made a film about two transgendered prostitutes wandering the streets of Los Angeles on Christmas Eve in search of justice. Using a cast of both professional and non-professional actors, and shot exclusively on three iPhones (for cost as much as anything else), “Tangerine” comes to theaters on July 10th upon a wave of buzz and good press. “Jurassic World” came out - will it be any good? Will has seen it, and deems it to be so. Election season is in full swing, 18 months before the actual elections. Can we drop the charade and just put the whole reality sow on television already? Tables have turned on the “Game of Thrones” book readers. Can Will avoid spoiling TV exclusive plot developments to his cocky friends? The antechinus might have the right idea.

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