Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ep. 105 - The All Important Oscars Special


Oscar Special 2014 - No guest, just an unadulterated hour of pure, uncut Will and Sean. We break down all of the major categories and make our picks for next week’s show. Sell the house, borrow everything you can and take that cash to Vegas, cause we are about to make you RICH!!!

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ep. 104 - Rawle D. Lewis - The Banana Thief


Rawle D. Lewis, comedian and one of the stars of the classic film “Cool Runnings” squeezes into the podsled with us. This Trinidad born actor grew up in the islands, moved to tropical New Jersey and finally to came California before being discovered while performing in some questionable Shakespeare. He shares stories about the casting, shooting and reception of the film. What makes it so beloved even twenty years since its release. The Winter Olympics are here! Is Sochi the godforsaken hellhole the media is making it out to be? Valentine’s Day was here! Is it the godforsaken holiday that we make it out to be? Eat Fresh…and die.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ep. 103 - Jessica Gardner - How's the Peepin?

Jessica Gardner from the hit web series “Glass Slipper Confessionals” brings her lustrous red hair and million watt smile. She tells us about the genesis and reception of this hilarious project. As a native New Englander, she gives Will the usual hard time. The only thing worse than this year’s Super Bowl was this year’s Super Bowl commercials. Jay Leno is leaving…or is he? We discuss some of our favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman moments. I want to take you, on a slow boat to China...

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ep. 102 - Sam Witwer - Ranch Privileges Revoked

Sam Witwer returns to the show to talk Being Human and Star Wars. What can fans expect from this latest season and is there an endgame in mind? How have Aiden and the game changed since season one? What will the new JJ ruled Star Wars universe look like? Also: Grammys, Girl Scouts and Ghost Ships! Come one, come all, click on the link and enjoy the fun!

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