Sunday, January 31, 2016

Episode 197 - Tess Barker - In Willo Winertas

Tess Barker (@tesstifybarker) is writer, comedian, and member of the comedy troupe Lady to Lady - she is also this week’s guest. #oscarssowhite - Will and Sean solve yet another tricky racial problem. X-Files has returned to television. Why all the ‘90s nostalgia and is the decade worth any of it? Will doesn’t understand how people live and work in LA. How is it that so many of you seem to have comfortable lives while being simultaneously marginally employed? Chocolate covered McDonalds french fries? Yes please!

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ep. 196 - Sam Feirstein - Subtle Moral Arguments

Sam Feirstein is a director, a producer, and a teller of stories. A fellow Valley Boy like Sean, he shares with us the weird twists and turns of his career in show business. George RR Martin won’t be releasing the sixth Game of Thrones book anytime soon - does he owe it to his fans? Making a Murderer is the latest true crime bit of pop culture that we have no patience for. And the NFL is coming to LA whether we want it or not. Want to own a movie theater in Maine, why not write about it?

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ep. 195 - Quinn Scillian - Goodnight Starman

Quinn Scillian is an actress and Will’s former co-host on the Afterbuzz “Masters of Sex” recap show. She helps us to recap the boring, unfunny, overlong, and just plain bad Golden Globes. Do the winner’s of this “prestigious” award help presage the Oscars? Who cares, David Bowie died - let’s talk about him instead. Also, Will is worried that Rashida Jones’ new show, “Angie Tribeca” will finally send him over the edge.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ep. 194 - Josh Macuga - In a K-Hole

Josh Macuga (@JoshMacuga) hosts things. He hosts “Between the Sheets” for the Schmoes YOuTube channel, and he co-hosts the Collider “Agents of SHIELD” after-show with Will. We review some of our favorite films of 2015 as we look forward to the Oscar nominations. We are at our wit’s end with spoilers and people who are terrified of anything being spoiled for them anytime, ever. A luxurious spot at the Times Square Olive Garden or Ruby Tuesday cost a pretty penny - who is paying for these nonsense experiences?! That’s all I got, it’s only the first week of the year and I’m outta gas.

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ep. 183 - Jenn Scott - I Know That Thing!

Jenn Scott (@jenn_iphur) is a comedian, co-host of the Phat Show for Phat Collectibles at Meltdown Comics, and our first guest of 2016. We discuss some end of year movies we’ve recently seen before talking Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars. The Miss Universe pageant was a clusterfuck thanks to host Steve Harvey. Yelp is quite possibly the most useless app when it comes to finding new restaurants. Who wants to be a Viking? Seriously, they are looking for people. Welcome to 2016 - let’s do this!

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