Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ep. 209 - Ilyse Mimoun - Meant to be a Friend

Ilyse Mimoun (@ilysemimoun) is the author of “Choose Your Own Love Story” - a Choose Your Own Adventure style plunge into modern romantic quandries. Game of Thrones returns this week and it seems to be the only large scale drama still holding down the HBO fort - have they lost their way? Kobe Bryant finally retired after 20 years - what will his legacy be? The new CEO of AMC Theaters has some pretty pretty pretty terrible ideas and Will is none too pleased. A Polish company has announced a truly intoxicating new beverage.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Ep. 208 - Megan Salinas - The Nancy Meyer Corrective

Megan Salinas (@themenguin) returns to the show. A contributor to AfterBuzz TV, she and Will are now teaming up for a weekly Orphan Black recap show on the Giantist network. Lesbian characters are appearing with more frequency on network TV shows, they’re also being killed off with more frequency - what gives? Would you pay $50 to watch first run movies at home? Sean Parker thinks that you will. “The Walking Dead” ended its season last week with a clunker of a cliffhanger - we discuss. The Isle of Wight just opened a really shitty museum

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ep. 207 - Ian Alda - And Down a Mountain

Ian Alda (@ianalda) is an actor soon to be seen reprising his role on the newest season of #SiliconValley. American Idol finally ended its 15 year run. Three non-watchers of the show reflect on its legacy. Who is to blame for the rise of Trump? It’s you, loyal listener, it’s all your fault. April Fools Day pranks are getting out of hand thanks to an increasingly mischievous corporate America. Burger King knows that America is mad, that’s why they unleashed the “Angriest Whopper.”

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ep. 206 - Michael Medina - Recap the Recapping Game

Michael Medina (@mrmichaelalexis) co-hosts recap shows on Collider and Think Hero, he’s also a our guest this week. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Punching came out last week to terrible reviews and all the money - we discuss. Everyone is dying, what is going on? Marriage is in the air - time to move cities again.

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