Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ep. 122 - Sofiya Alexandra - (Mimes into Microphone)


Sofiya Alexandra is a comedian, writer, and ready to let Sean know exactly what she thinks of his opinions. Our spirited conversation touches on her childhood in the Ukraine, initial impressions of Los Angeles, identifying with the minorities in her classes, and how she found her comedic voice. A spirited discussion about #yesallwomen ensues, opinions are expressed. The OJ Simpsons murders were 20 years ago and we reminisnce on our recollections of the event. 2% of the world population disappears in Damon Lindelof’s new HBO show “The Leftovers.” Could they have all gone to that island from LOST? George HW Bush is making us all look bad, especially Will. Dolphins need loving too, hand loving. 

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