Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ep. 108 - Allie Goertz & Ariana Lenarsky - The Book on Chicken


Allie Goertz and Ariana Lenarsky, the two halves of the musical comedy duo, Cossbysweater, sing us a sweet, sweet song. This harmonic vortex of awesome discusses the influences on their music and how 90’s pop culture, especially The Simpsons, inspires their songwriting. To prove their point, they perform a live song about famed makeup and special effects guru, Rob Bottin. We check in on the landscape of late night television and report on our findings. Hollywood is jamming another Young Adult novel inspired, dystopian nightmare, female driven, multi volume, franchise series down our throats. Do we dare see it? One of our beloved fifty states is taking religious toleration a little too far, and Will has some words for them. We hope you all survived the one-two punch of Purim and St Patrick’s Day.

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