Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ep. 98 - Tom Sibley - Synergy People

Tom Sibley, our fellow Westcast Network brother in arms, talks to us about his two podcasts, “Goof City” and “We Watch Wrestling.” He tells us how a great blizzard convinced this east coast comic to relocate permanently. What is your morning routine, and how do you prefer your pornography? The Golden Globes are this weekend. How do yo distinguish if something is a comedy or a drama? Why do they even throw the word musical in there? the Duck Dynasty guy is an asshole, but you all knew that already. Chipotle is about to revolutionize the way we eat pizza, and Will has some thoughts. Soon we will all be able to understand what it is our dogs are trying to tell us (The End is Near). Your New Year’s resolution should have been to subscribe to the podcast.

Check out this episode!

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