Saturday, May 12, 2012

Episode 14 - A Dish Best Served Cold

Nick Wechsler of the hit TV show REVENGE joins us. He gives us a rundown of his career from the depths of TEAM KNIGHT RIDER, to the ridges of ROSWELL, and ultimately to the peaks that is REVENGE. SNL and the new Dallas gets yelled at as well.

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  1. I haven't heard of you guys before (no offense - I'm sure you haven't heard of me either!), but I'm a big fan of Nick, so I listened. I have to say - great podcast! Not only have I never heard Nick speak so much before, but your conversation was witty and intelligent. Plus, who doesn't love the occasional dropping of the F bomb? Rape face, though?? Yikes. Hopefully, you don't have some group come after you. Or maybe you want that? What's the axiom - all publicity is good publicity? Anyway, I'm not a teenager or in the military, but I'd like to start an internet campaign to have Nick come over to my house for movie date night - starting with The Doom Generation. Nothing says dark comedy like Gregg Araki's films. Say yes, Nick :)